The Unique Aesthetic Appeal of Metallic Epoxy Floors

The Unique Aesthetic Appeal of Metallic Epoxy Floors

The installation of metallic epoxy floors provides an aesthetic appeal to any home or commercial space is a flash. These floor coatings are artistically designed and are one-of-a-kind. Different illusions with 3D designs are created with the use of various color combinations. 

Metallic epoxy coating is an epoxy resin mixed with metallic pigments. This mixture is coated on the floor with the use of paintbrushes or rollers. 

A metallic epoxy coating reflects light and provides the floor with vibrant colors. When the mixture hardens, it permanently bonds with the concrete surface. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Once applied, the concrete surface reacts with the pull of gravity allowing metallic epoxy floors to display 3-D effects creating beautiful floors with unique colors. 

With the use of special pigments and additives mixed with the epoxy material, various 3D visual effects can be created including:

  • Patterns to resemble the look of galaxies or moon craters.
  • 3D water effects with 2-toned swirls or ripples.
  • Multi-colored effects to mimic the look of polished marble.
  • Quartz-like flakes or chips as well as glitters. 
  • Satin-like and metallic finish.

The metallic epoxy floor installation requires the expertise and artistry of the installer to create a unique flooring system. 

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Unique Design

Metallic epoxy floors are one-of-a-kind. There will never be two metallic floors that will look exactly the same even when the same materials and applied by the same installer.

The application of metallic epoxy floors starts with the pouring of the mixture of the epoxy resin and metallic pigments on the floor. A paintbrush, roller or squeegee is used to spread the mixture across the floor.  

When these tools get into contact with the epoxy and metallic pigment mixture, they will come together, separate, and turn and twist allowing light to reflect in all angles. 

The epoxy material will then hardened and keep the metallic pigments lock in place creating a 3D design with a swirly appearance. 

Well-experienced metallic epoxy floors installers use various techniques on the concrete floor to create different 3D effects. These techniques determined the final appearance of the metallic epoxy floor. 

Metallic epoxy floors offer an incomparable blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. It provides the practical benefits of an epoxy flooring system (durability and longevity) plus the luxurious look of natural marble without having to spend so much.