Sankampaeng Hot Springs Chiang Mai

Sankampaeng Hot Springs Chiang Mai

You can get to the hot springs from Chiang Mai for about 50 THB in a yellow pick-up taxi or ‘songthaw’ from Chiang Mai’s Warorot Market if you haven’t got any other transport option, the journey takes about an hour. The road is well marked with English language signage on the Highway 1317, the journey is quite picturesque with scenic views of mountains, through foot hills, paddy fields and palm nut oil tree plantations. 

There is a small entrance fee to Sankhampang Hot Springs Resort – Sankampaeng Hot springs and it covers about 35 acres of park land that has been developed around a series of natural hot springs and geysers with a source temperature of around the boiling point of water. 

Sankhampang Hot Springs Resort or Sankampaeng Hot springs is a popular day out from Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai by visitors and locals alike. The water only has a very slight sulphur odour.

We spent a pleasant hour or so just walking round the well stocked gardens and watching the locals ‘take the waters’. 

There is a small canal that starts off close to the geysers with very hot water that cools slowly as the canal meanders through the public area. We were the only Farangs there at the time, we watched the local and visiting Thai families, usually large groups of around 10 or so, having fun and relaxing in the Sankhampang Hot Springs Resort – Sankampaeng Hot Springs. Thai families were sitting, standing and in some cases lying in the canal. It was an unusual sight to see. You have to remember that Thailand is the land of the free and that means just about anything decent goes!

You can buy quail and hens eggs in neat woven bamboo baskets at a kiosk to boil in special tanks within the park. There are instructions in Thai and English for the length of time to leave your eggs ‘boiling’. Although there is that slight whiff of sulphur, it didn’t affect us at all and apparently or should we say fortunately the sulphur ‘flavour’ doesn’t get through the egg shell and taint the boiled egg inside.

The naturally heated spa-water swimming pool is a pleasant covered affair with a temperature similar to a warm bath at one side there is a ‘waterfall’ that will give you a natural massage. 

The many spa options, are of which are very affordable ranging from just 100 THB to 200 THB per hour. Thai traditional massage and foot massage is also available at negotiable prices depending on time taken.

There is camping and tent rental within the park as well as cottages to rent for longer stays, ranging from 500 – 800 THB per night depending on the season.