Types of Bathroom Lights

Different Types of Bathroom Lights

One doesn’t necessarily need a comprehensive guide to choose bathroom lights. Most homeowners and renters will pick what they need based on their preferences. However, when one delves deep into the basic necessities and the desired lighting, the different types of bathroom lights will have to be factored in. It helps to know the different types as they make the job of making an informed decision easier and more surefire. Here are four commonly used bathroom lights.

The first is type is task lighting.

As the name implies, these bathroom lights are the most utilitarian and they serve specific functions. There should be a light atop the bathroom mirror. This light can be surface mounted or recessed. Surfaced mounted task light can be atop the mirror or on the wall adjacent to the washbasin. Recessed light would have to be in the ceiling in case of bathroom lights. Recessed wall lights would not serve the purpose of task lighting around the washbasin. Task lights are also needed in the shower area. Unless a bathroom is larger than usual, there is no need for any more task lighting. The best option is to use sconces at the level of the eye.

The second type is accent lighting.

This is often regarded as optional but it is not. Accent lighting is important if there is any art or fixture that needs highlighting. Often bathrooms have a flower vase or a painting. There could be other fixtures as well. Accent lighting becomes unavoidable in such scenarios.

Then comes decorative lighting, which is absolutely optional but a piece or two to accentuate the setting will be a worthwhile investment. Decorative lighting along with accent lighting can collectively serve the purpose of ambient lighting. If someone is not using either accent lights or decorative lights, then there is a need for ambient lights. Task lights are not ambient lights.

The fourth type is not very common but a favourite of many.

These are floor lights. Some people prefer recessed lights in the wall but at the floor level. These could serve as ambient lighting as well. The eventual choice will depend on the types of bathroom lights one opts for. It is absolutely pragmatic to have task lights and ambient lights, avoiding decorative and accent lighting.

Adequate bathroom lights are a quintessential need. A subtly accentuated bathroom with the help of lights will always be more satiating.