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Epoxy Flooring In Nashville TN Hitting Friends Houses By Storm

Epoxy Flooring In Nashville TN Hitting Friends Houses By Storm

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in america. It’s the capital of Tennessee and home to Vanderbilt University. There is legendary country music scene which includes the Grand Ole Opry House, kid rocks new bar and so much live music that your head feels like it’s going to burst when you walk down some of the main streets. Also, you wouldn’t believe how expensive a cowboy boot is. Sheesh, some of these cowboy boots cost upwords of $2,000 dollars. A little to rich for my blood. Nashville is also home to The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and historic Ryman Auditorium. There is an entire district featuring honky-tonks with live music and there is even a Johnny Cash Museum which is pretty cool to check out if you are into the old prison tours.

In addition to cool music, there is cool architecture. The landscape is very unique and destinct. City planning has come a long way. There is still a bit of a homeless problem but it is getting better and better as time goes on. Overall, there is a hip feeling to Nashville. More people are moving to Nashville everyday. Aside from the country music scene, busiess does well in Nashville. Prices are so high in silicon valley that Nashville has seen an emergence of startups.

In keeping with the hip feel, there is a big push for cool Polished concrete floors that are durable for high traffic. Polished concrete can provide a really cool rustic feel that music goers seem to like.

One of the companies to take advantage of the new trend is epoxy floors in Nashville. It seems to be a really good fit for the town because of it’s aesthetic appeal and also it’s ability to sustain high foot traffic. Epoxy is a beautiful type of resinous flooring that looks beautiful in restaurants, showrooms and stages so it is all the craze right now. There is also a special type of epoxy mortar that works very well when it comes to kitchens. Usually it entails a quartz broadcast and epoxy cove base to make sure everything stays clean. Epoxy seems to be the best thing to keep Nashville humming for many years to come.